The Glory Group

The women of our church have a long tradition of serving our community. From our food pantry, providing school supplies, and working with county agencies to bring relief to homeless children, our women's hearts seek to serve the needs of our community and all its children.

The Glory Group's legacy is a long and rich story that has blessed our Palmetto community in very significant ways. Originally known as Circle #4, the Glory Group had its start over 50 years ago. The only known surviving member of the charter group is Nancy Courtney.

In 1977, Bonnie Moore (Nancy Courtney's daughter) began teaching at Blackburn Elementary School in Ellenton. Bonnie saw a student's family that had a great need for assistance, so she asked her mom if her women's group could help by adopting the family at Christmastime. 

The humble beginnings of the Glory Group's primary mission began with the needs of that one family that Christmas season. The women of the circle responded with the love, joy and grace of Jesus in their hearts, and so our annual Christmas Mission was born. It has grown over the years to include food baskets at Easter and Thanksgiving, Christmas gift at Christmas, sponsorships for school field trips and supplies, as well as whatever other needs are brought before them throughout the year. Bonnie has now retired from teaching, but the Glory Group's mission lives on in the children that we serve through our thriving Food Pantry. 

The Glory Group's name is well-known, loved and respected throughout the Palmetto community. Working alongside the outreach ministries of the church, our women continue to care for God's children in their time of need. Whatever God asks of them, the Glory Group is always willing and ready to respond to His call to take up the basin and the towel.

The Glory Group meets once a month on Saturday mornings. Please watch the church bulletin for details. Note: No meetings during the summer (June/July/August).

In loving memory of Alice Myers, Iva Eisenbrandt, Mary Ann Throup, Margaret Phillips, Sara Doyle, Melba Hunt, Betty Sharp and many more who have gone before us.

How did they get the name "The Glory Group?"

According to Nancy Courtney, they had a fabulous speaker that gave a wonderful presentation and spoke of the perseverance of the Morning Glory flower. 

It was then that the women of Circle #4 decided to adopt their new name: The Glory Group.