Salty Service

You are the salt of the earth. Matthew 5:13

Looking for ways to keep salty? Consider one of these ministries:

Ushers and Greeters

Ushers and greeters serve for a month at a time. If you are interested in serving on Sunday mornings, please contact Kathy Johnson, Bob Marble or the church office. 

Food Pantry Volunteer

Our food pantry mission offers five opportunities weekly to participate as God's hands and feet.
  • Monday mornings: Setup for the week and help accept delivery from Meals on Wheels
  • Tuesday mornings at 6:30am: Pick up day-old bread and pastries from Publix @ Bayshore Gardens (requires a car/van with trunk space). Rain or shine!
  • Tuesday mornings at 7:00am: Accept the Publix deliveries at the church kitchen and prepare for distribution.
  • Tuesday mornings from 8:30-11am: Community food distribution at the church fellowship hall.
  • Tuesday mornings from 8:30-11am: Intercessory Prayer for Food Pantry Guests. Be available to pray for and with our guests as they come for assistance, both physical and spiritual. 
To help in the kitchen/fellowship hall, please contact coordinators Jim & Barbara Cordwell at 
To help with Intercessory Prayer, please contact Jeanette Quesenberry.
To help with pick-up at Publix, please contact Nancy Trujillo or Ann Marshall.

Communion Servers

Volunteer to share the elements with the congregation during worship and welcoming all to the communion table. Communion is held the first Sunday of the month. Contact Sharon Taylor at 
941-281-9514 to volunteer.

Child Care (during service)

Interested in helping with child care during service? How about being on the substitute list in the event of emergencies or periods of increased attendance? Please contact Pastor Steve or Becky Staples to apply (background check and church training is required.)


Volunteer to count our tithes and offerings weekly. Contact the church office at 722-1812 to learn more.

Lay Servants

Our Lay Servant ministry is always looking for disciples who wish to put their gifts and talents to use for His Kingdom. Lay servants assist the pastor weekly during the worship. No formal training is required, but classes are offered twice a year to become accredited. If you're interested in volunteering or learning more, please contact our Lay Leader, Sue Revell.